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How do I connect my Wordpress website to my Facebook page
Last Updated a year ago

This is a common requirement for our clients so we've created this step-by-step guide.

1. From your Wordpress admin dashboard, install the Feed Them Social wordpress plugin. If you don't have admin rights on your wordpress site, open a support ticket and we can install the plugin for you.

2. Login to your Facebook page and from the menu on the left, click 'Pages'


3. Select the Facebook page that you want to connect to and click 'Settings'


4. Now click 'Page Roles'


5. From the central panel, assign a new page role to [email protected] as per the next screen shot


We will get a notification from Facebook that, once accepted, will allow us to connect to the Facebook API and complete the configuration of the Feed Them Social plugin.

As an alternative, you can connect directly to your Facebook page from within Wordpress using your own Facebook credentials and the Feed Them Social plugin.

The down-side of this option is that if your connections breaks, we'll be unable to fix it for you as it relies on your personal Facebook credentials.

If you have any difficulties with the connection, please open a ticket and we'll look into it for you.

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